The current submitted records are NOT available for public viewing and verification. Due to heavy traffic on the website we disabled this function a few hours after the launch and will remain private until we increase our server capacity. Also, it has been brought to our attention that some people did not read the instructions and terms and conditions carefully and did not remove their personal info and other positions from the screenshot(s) before submitting their shares. The website clearly indicates that the submitted data will be turned into a publicly available and verifiable repository. The inclusion of personal data on some screenshots has made our job very difficult to remove such submissions from the public view on an individual basis. Therefore, we have decided to keep all submissions private and not available to public until we implement a system where all unnecessary info is removed. We will continue to publish the number of shares logged and the average number of shares per submission. Please continue to log your shares but make sure you remove all the personal info from the screenshot(s) before you upload them. If our sample size is large enough and we can make statistically sound conclusions about the average number of shares per individual investor (for educational purposes). If the sample data is large enough and points to significant discrepancies, we may also present the data to legal representatives of AMC and GME while maintaining the privacy of submitters.  

LogTheFloat Team

Our survey will close in