AMC is the best candidate for an institutional revenge

AMC is the most held security among retail investors and that has become the most valuable asset to long institutions. Based on all available data sources it is clear that shorts have not covered yet and in fact they have doubled down or tripled down. Certain market makers and brokers also joined in the price suppression fr...
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GME and AMC Side-by-side comparison of institutional backers

Those who try to divide AMC and GME's retail investors are paid shills or unintelligent people who can not read data and graphs. Have you ever wondered why institutional longs and shorts of AMC and GME are the same? Why did GME longs go heavily long on AMC? As discussed in details in my previous post it seems this fight is ...
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Please help us log more AMC and GME shares:

We need about 980 more retail investors to log their shares so we can reach our targeted goal to publish the data and the results with high confidence level (95%+).